New centers: the Jacob Burckhardt Haus

Soon after the turn of the new century, the university expanded further into the city, as the Faculties of Law and of Business and Economics relocated to sleek, modern buildings near the SBB railway station.

In the summer of 2006, the Faculty of Law moved into the Jacob Burckhardt Haus, adjacent to the SBB station. Part of the “Euroville” development zone, this building was a collaborative creation by Zwimpfer Partner Architects (Basel) and Jakob Steib (Zurich), featuring a design with prefabricated elements in a uniform structure. The new structure afforded the faculty 60 percent more space and state-of-the-art facilities. Boasting space for 320 users, the library is well-equipped with internet connections, many of which also offered Wi-Fi access from the start.

In early 2009, the Faculty of Business and Economics followed suit, moving from its previous locations at Rosshof and annexes on Holbeinstrasse and Kornhausgasse. Both faculties secured their new locations with ten-year mid-term lease agreements. The future of these locations remains undecided, with three main options on the table: returning to the university district around St. Peter’s Square; staying at the current site; or relocating to a more rural setting, such as Muttenz.

One of the building’s defining features is its art courtyards, each uniquely crafted by different artists. Anna Amdaio’s work, for instance, adorns the building housing the Faculty of Law, while Renée Levi’s art can be found in the Faculty of Business and Economics.