Building boom 2.0

Since 2010, the University of Basel has been experiencing a significant boom in construction, particularly in the areas of Life Sciences and STEM. This most recent expansion is predominantly occurring on the outskirts of the historic city center. Notably, there have also been numerous developments and conversions around St. Peter’s Square and Rheinsprung Street.

In 2007, a large-scale building campaign was launched following a strategic plan for the university’s infrastructure development. Major projects such as the Biocenter on the Life Sciences campus and the University Center for Dental Medicine (UZB) in the Rosental area of Kleinbasel were quickly completed, with more projects underway. The university’s growing footprint, now extending towards the city’s edges, includes plans to move the Faculties of Law and of Business and Economics to the canton of Basel-Countryside, aiming for completion by 2030. This physical integration of the university within the cityscape continues to make its sites and buildings a central point in political discussions in both Basel cantons.